Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lighting Problem II

See the part I here.

I followed the advice of my friend designer, and replaced Autodesk Hardwood material with Arch & Design Material. The wooden and bump bitmaps were taken from the Autodesk Hardwood.
The radius of the ball was not changed, and it is 19 cm.

This time the rendering results have improved quite significantly.
Here is the result with a bit of glossiness (0.05):

For comparison here is the rendering with 0 glossiness:

Top right corner is not rendered

There is still some parasite lighting on the sides of the ball, but much less than in the previous scene with Hardwood material.

However, perspective rendering with 0 glossiness shows a lack of volume on the picture. The ball looks flat, and it seems to be a 2D image attached to the scene. A specular light is missing:

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