Monday, December 5, 2011

Ambient Occlusion

While fighting with the lighting problem, I have stumbled upon an interesting property of an Autodesk Material: Ambient Occlusion. What is this and what you may need it for you can read on Wikipedia: Ambient Occlusion.
Here is the results it gave on my big wooden ball:

Ambient Occlusion
No Ambient Occlusion

You do not see much difference, uh? ;)
Watch this animated gif:
See how the shadow changes near the ball's bottom.

Well, the Ambient Occlusion does not give much effect in my scene.
Maybe in some other conditions it will be more noticeable!

Material used for the ball: Autodesk Hardwood, beechwood_gunstock.png, default setting apart from Relief Pattern where Amount was changed to 3.7.

1 comment:

  1. Ambiant occlusion can have a small or a large effect depending on how far you ask the renderer to look for occluding surfaces. I don't know how to increase this value in MAX, but if you set it high enough, the small ball and the teapot should also cause shadows to appear on your large sphere!